Who Needs A Man Anyway? – 10 Masturbation Techniques For Women


Chances are your best orgasms are going to come from you!  Even more so sometimes it’s great to just have a good time by ourselves “sans a man“.  No complications, discussions, or worrying about pleasing him.  This is the ultimate “self time!”  Having and doing it your way, and on your time!  Weeeeeeeez!

Whether it’s a quick feel-good session, or a long evening of self-love making, the pleasure’s all yours!

Here are some great masturbation techniques for women that can be used to enjoy and rediscover your personal sexually. These masturbation techniques are divided into three key groups: Skin on Skin, Water Works, and Adult Toys.

These aren’t rules, but guidelines for your enjoyment.  Regardless of your personality and preference, they will give you a beautiful orgasmic masturbation experience – chilling and shivering from head to toe.  Experiment with each one and keep variety your spice of life!

Skin on Skin

1. The Pattie Cake

Using your pointer and middle finger, gently pat your clitoris varying pressure and speed until your little boat is standing in attention.

Listening to sexy or romantic music can enhance your mood and you can pat your clitoris to off and on to the groove of the music.  Done to perfection, your inner labia and clitoris will become both sticky sweet and warm. When the insides of your vagina are covered with your love fluid, use this as lubricant.

Resist the temptation of starting to just “rub one out.” Keep patting and/or using short strokes.  The anticipation will build with pressure behind your coming orgasm. As you are getting closer to coming, push your fingers inside you, then pulling out rubbing your love fluids onto your clitoris. Continue patting and pulling your juices on to your clitoris.  The key is the anticipation of not rushing ahead.  Just keep patting with some rubbing motion until you can’t hold back anymore.  As you start to orgasm, then rub as it feels best all over you clitoris enjoying a well deserved orgasm!

2. The Sandwich Cookie

This technique is much like delicious cookies sandwiching a cream filling.  Your index and middle fingers serve as the delicious cookies here.  Place your fingers on the outside and supporting both sides of your clitoris.  While gently gripping your clitoris with your fingers, use the fingers of your other hand to stroke the clitoris while varying the pressure and speed, but not too fast.  You can also slide your “sandwich” fingers up and down on the sides of your clitoris too.

Note: Maintain this action trying not to slip into your basic pattern of masturbation to orgasm or as you orgasm. This will help increase your “repertoire” of delightful ways to achieve orgasm.

As you come, work your two fingers in harmony with the rubbing of your clitoris.  It will be sweeter than any Sandwich Cookie!

3. The Open-Faced Sandwich

This technique involves gently patting and pushing down on you whole vaginal area using the palm of your outstretched hand. It is quite a variation on direct stimulation methods as the stimulation is much broader focused.  Keep your hand open and fingers outstretched.  Long and varied strokes are best at first.

You will find yourself twisting and turning your hand to focus on your clitoris.  This is ok, but keep the fingers out of it.  Continuing with this rhythm will produce a hot sensation. As you come push your palm into your clitoris and rub it back and forth where your palm and wrist meet.  This orgasm can feel different because with your fingers outstretched, it will feel more submissive which can intensify your orgasm!

4. The Pulsing Pelvis

This technique actually simulates having sex so it can be very erotic.  Lay on your bed, back down with your legs spread, knees up and feet flat on the bed.  Use your middle finger to penetrate your vagina much like a penis.  A sexy and considerate man would first rub his member around you so that entry was smooth and slick.  You should have the same consideration for yourself too!  Don’t just plunge your fingers in, be gentle and work for it!  You can even pull away like you are teasing your man before he enters you.

As your finger enters, softly but seductively contract your leg muscles such that your pelvis gently pulses in a rhythm similar to when making love with a partner.  The emphasis is on your pelvic push as opposed to finger action.  Push into your hand and finger.  If you want to fantasize about being laid by prince charming, go for it!  Keep it going with your pelvis thrusting harder and harder until you come. This technique will make you a better lover too.  Be forewarned that you will drive your man crazy with this technique, but also likely bring up questions about where you learned to do this?  And if you have been seeing another guy?  One last note: Before sex you’ll lover won’t need to remove his socks, you’ll rock them off for him!

Water Works

5. In the Pool

Rated highly among the masturbation techniques for women, here you open your legs as wide as possible while positioning yourself in front of one of the many jets available in your hot tub or pool.  Experiment with the various spray patterns and/or oscillations.  Don’t start out too close! With your legs spread, stand far enough away that the jet is not uncomfortable for you at all. Begin moving closer and closer towards the jet until the stimulation is enough to jet you into organism!

6. With Your Shower Head

A common masturbation technique for women, but it needs to be done properly to get that mind-blowing organism. Using your handheld shower head to please yourself, take it off the hook and press it on your clitoris, rub softly then firmly. You can alternate between the two extremes or just find a middle ground which offers you the right sensation. You can synchronize your rubbing motions to match your masturbation experience. All in all, you are bound to have an incredible experience.

7. In the bathtub

First, fill the tub with enough hot water that it is not cold to lay in.  Keep the facet running at a slow run.  Add in your favorite bath beads or fragrance soak.

Ease into the in the tub and start sprinkling water on various parts of your body.  The water will feel warm on your skin at first, then cool down.  This will start the nerve sensations flowing through your body.  Keep dripping water all over your body feeling very sexy as you drip water between your legs.

When the time feels right, slide down towards the slow running facet with your legs spread.  Let the water splash around your clitoris.  Slide you backside so that the water hits various spots of your vagina.  Rub your thighs with your hands and position your clitoris under the water for the best feeling.  Use your body movement with the water to stimulate your clitoris.  If you can avoid manual stimulation, your orgasm will be incredible!

Adult Toys

8. Dig the Shovel

This can give you an option on your type of orgasm – clitoral or “G-Spot”.

After you have initiated masturbation and you are naturally lubricated or have applied lubricant.  Use a vibrator or dildo inserted in your vagina with a “digging up” motion pull the end of it into the “G-Spot” and continue sliding all the way out and slowly over your clitoris.

Don’t give up on the “G-Spot” because it can be an incredibly intense orgasm.  Keep seductively going thru the digging motion until one area is unavoidable.  concentrate there and dig in until you hit pay dirt!

9. Electric

An electric toothbrush will not only keep that bright smile pretty, it can keep it there!  An electric toothbrush can easily be used as a unique vibrator.  Just use an extra toothbrush tip for the fun work.

An electric toothbrush vibrates at a much higher rate than most vibrators so the sensation is much different.  The head of the toothbrush is much smaller and about the size of the average clitoris – what could be better?  You can cut the brushes off to keep from getting too roughed up.  Cremes and lotions work great on the end of it.

Focus the toothbrush all around your clitoris doing what feels the best.  It won’t be long until you are showing those pearly whites with one big orgasmic smile!!!

A side benefit of using your electric toothbrush as a vibrator goes beyond the incredible orgasm.  It is always handy and you won’t have to worry about leaving it out (stash the toothbrush end though) or traveling with it wondering what customs will say about it?

10. A Play Station

If the game gets a little boring you can always spruce it with a self-induced orgasm.  You’re sure to win!  All you really need is a game that makes the controller vibrate.  Configure the best way for the controller to stimulate your clitoris.  Once the game starts, the challenge is getting the controller to vibrate.  This is the element that makes the orgasm more intense – you don’t have 100% control.  Therefore, the excitement builds as it vibrates at the right time while knowing it could stop. Game on!

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