5 Tips for Having an Orgasm When You’re Solo


1. Don’t limit yourself to masturbating while lying on your back in bed just because that’s how women do it in movies. If you had your first O grinding on a couch cushion (as many of you told us you did!), flip over and get down with a down pillow.

2. Be a tease. Bring yourself close to O in your go-to style (clitoral stroking, after a glass of sauv blanc?), stop, and start again. Big suspense = bigger orgasm.

3. Bored of using the same porn/vibe/position every time? Try a masturbation cleanse. Going back to basics (no props or porn) can make for a powerful O.

4. Yay for kegels! The vaginal-clenching exercises can lead to stronger orgasms and serve as training for the mythical hands-free fantasy-only orgasm (the unicorn of O’s). Remind yourself to train daily with the Kegel Camp app ($1.99, iTunes store).

5. Kill two O’s with one toy. Treat yourself to a dual- action sexcessory like the California Exotics Butterfly Kiss ($10, A tiny butterfly flutters on your clitoris while a G-spot stimulator massages you there.

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